Bepi Bubola

Frizzante on Yeasts

Bepi Bubola, is a nickname of Giuseppe Dal Din, the founder of the Dal Din winery. This was his wine, which reflects the origins and traditions of our land. Obtained from Glera, Bianchetta and Perera grapes, this wine is bottled in early spring (following the harvest) and thanks to its own autochthonous yeasts, the fermentation starts naturally.
It is a wine in constant evolution, always different. Few months after the bottling, the wine expresses fresh and fruity aromas and a “young” taste. The more the time goes by, the more complex, dry, and sapid becomes the wine thanks to its yeasts, with pleasant scents of crusty bread. Drinking suggestion: gently shake the bottle to keep the yeasts up, or we suggest to decant in into a carafe. In can be well combined with any dish, especially with salami and Venetian cheeses.

Straw yellow with light green notes

Fine and persistent

Sapid, with pleasant crusty bread scents