Rosé Brut

Vino spumante

Lenà Rosé is not just a simple sparkling wine. It is a family selection. A brut obtained from Pinot Noir grapes and from slow fermentation. It is considered a feather in the cap of our production. The bouquet is elegant with notes of wild berries and yeast.
Dry, harmonic, lasting and sapid in the mouth.
The name Lenà is a tribute to the founding grandmother of Daldin Spumanti.

Soft, vivid and brilliant pink, perlage fine and persistent

Refined, pleasant reminding red fruit

Intense, dry, creamy with a long fruity aftertaste

Prizes and awards

“Rosa Rosati Rosè, La Guida al Bere Rosa” - 91 points

“Rosa rosati rosè, la guida al bere rosa” - 87 points

5StarWines 2018 2019 86/100 punti

42° Mostra dei Vini Triveneti a Calamò – Diploma di Gran Merito